Where to Sell Your Car Recommendations

Where to Sell Your Car RecommendationsOn this recommendations page we’ll be listing our 2 current buyer picks based on our collective data. It is the sole intention of to be fully balanced in our findings. Above all else, we’d like our readers to get the best possible price for their motor. It’s a big bonus if the process is quick and professionally handled. Picking our recommendations wasn’t tricky since there are only several companies that we feel score an 8 or a 9. Some buyers pay very little and those nightmare stories aren’t good to hear. You of course see the same thing with dealers. Some are great and then you have those that you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

Stating the obvious, you could get a higher price when selling your motor privately. We have started to profile related classified sites such as AutoTrader, Gumtree, Motors etc. It has been reported that you could earn 10% more when selling privately. You may of course not even manage to attract any serious buyers. One of the main problems of the private route is that the process is always very slow! You could get a sale in days, or it could take months if you’re lucky. Time is precious and it can be very frustrating to see zero offers despite paying classified listing fees. In-between you have the scammers and the time wasters that don’t help the selling experience.

If you can be patient and wish to maximise the sale then the classified route does make sense. We wouldn’t however advise going down the auction or part exchange routes that we’ll come back to discuss at a late date. The hassle-free choice would be to opt for a trusted car buying site (dedicated or dealer) with a solid track record who importantly pays a fair price. Obtaining a quick quote, heading to the inspection and opting for a same day transfer (usually for an extra fee) is the hassle-free solution. The question begs of just who should you use and why? To get to the bottom of this, let’s look back at our findings on those compared.

Our Current Coverage for Cars

We have compared 14 dedicated online buyers to date. There was 16, but 2 of these have since closed down. Then there are the 5 alternative buyers. Most of which are dealers or supermarkets with buying departments. Motorhog is however a parts/salvage specialist. More listings will be following soon. More recently we have looked at vans and classified sites. Non of which are listed here today. As it stands, there are 19 active companies. Choice is certainly there in abundance, but sellers rightfully want the best. We’ll now recap on how all of the services compared for best prices, retail coverage and reviews. The following information was correct as of March 2017.

Best Prices (Quotes Minus Fees)

Comparison Test #1 (March 2016)

1) MikeBrewerBuysYourCar
2) WeWantAnyCar
3) TrustedCarBuyers

Comparison Test #2 (December 2016)

1) TrustedCarBuyers
2) WeBuyAnyCar
3) Money4YourMotors

Retail (Largest Number of Branches)

1) WeBuyAnyCar
2) ArnoldClark
3) TrustedCarBuyers
4) WeWantAnyCar
5) TheCarBuyingGroup

Reviews (Feefo Since They Verify Transactions)

1) BestCarBuyer
2) TheCarBuyingGroup
3) TrustedCarBuyers
4) WeBuyAnyCar
5) WeWantAnyCar


As it stands in 2017, Trusted Car Buyers has been the buyer of distinction. They have delivered the overall best pricing, they have the 2nd/3rd largest network depending on whether you count Arnold Clark’s dealerships that extend to purchasing. Finally with reviews, they are the best of the majors. We Buy Any Car and We Want Any Car have naturally been strong performers in all areas that is expected since they are the 2 biggest players in the sector. The Car Buying Group are also worth keeping an eye on. Finally, whilst not listed above, Evans Halshaw have impressed us through the high level of advertising that they have been pouring into this niche.

We Recommend: Trusted, WeBuy & WeWant

These are the 3 majors that we have started to pit against each other across various locations in retail comparisons. Over the coming months we’ll have more branch data to crunch plus further pricing tests will help to give a clearer picture of who comes out best. As it stands, we only promote the top 3 buyers. This may change in the future, but the 3 noted have impressed us the most. You may wish to sample quotes from a wider range of buyers if you have the time. Before making a booking, we’d recommend getting an accurate independent valuation. You can do this at AutoTrader or Parkers for free, but you’ll need to register for your estimate.


Trusted Car Buyers
Trusted Car Buyers

Fact: Value of vehicles purchased last month (£8,739,730).
Launch: Launched in 2014. Owned by Vehicle Trading Group Ltd.

Admin: £0.
Payouts: £0 (slow), £49.99 (same day).

Outlets: 90 (approx). These are the premises of their partners (mostly dealers). On our location search, there was no coverage across Scotland.

Score and Tally at Feefo: 94% (430).

We Buy Any Car
We Buy Any Car

Fact: The market leader has surpassed 1 million customers.
Launch: Launched in 2006. Owned by BCA Marketplace Plc.

Admin: £0 (£50-£99.99), £49.99 (£100-£4999.99), £74.99 (£5000+).
Payouts: £0 (slow), £24.75 (next day), £29.75 (same day).

Outlets: 206. This is the largest UK chain. They also have 52 locations in the USA.

Score and Tally at Feefo: 90% (10,980).

We Want Any Car
We Want Any Car

Fact: Their American owner generated revenue of $18.1 billion over 2015.
Launch: Launched in 2010. Owned by Cox Enterprises Inc (they also control Money4YourMotors and

Admin: £58.75 (-£4999.99), £78.75 (£5000+).
Payouts: £0 (slow), £24.95 (same day).

Outlets: 69.

Score and Tally at Feefo: 88% (3710).

Appointment Checklist…
– 2 forms of ID (photo and proof of address dated within 3 months).
– Accessory instructions booklets (if applicable).
– All service history and MOT certificates (if available).
– Finance settlement letter (if applicable).
– V5C document (logbook).
– Plus your car, both sets of keys and your banking details.

Our Recommendations (Link)

Trusted Car Buyers (Link)

We Buy Any Car (Link)

We Want Any Car

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