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We Want Any Van
We Want Any Van | AKA: WeWantAnyVan,

This is a newly devised project. Whilst there is no confirmation on the launch, from checking up on the Internet Archive it would appear that the site went live in October 2016. The domain had previously been used by a small business using the same identity and so a bidding process behind closed doors would have likely followed to secure it.

The existing network for car sales is used here. This is of course one of the larger chains with on last count 69 locations across the UK. Most of which are open for business 7/7.


Cox Automotive that is part of Cox Enterprises Inc is the brand owner. They also compete locally through Money4YourMotors where their agents come to you. Money4YourMotors for reference do buy vans so long as they are aged under 10 years old.

This company hasn’t been active for long and so it was no surprise that Google keyword data showed that there are few searches made for them at this time. However, they have recently took the 2nd best ranking spots for several key terms in this niche (behind Auto Trader). And so, across 2017 a big change on the popularity front is expected. The question begs of whether they can overturn who have been commanding the bulk of market share since they launched in 2010.

Money4YourMotors, Motors, We Want Any Car.

Reviews (We Want Any Van Reviews @ Feefo, Review Centre & Trustpilot):
No listings at either site.

The Process:
There is no change to the process of selling cars. You simply enter your reg plate and personal details to receive a quick quote. A booking slot will become available and the sale will follow. One thing of note is that there is a quote login area in place at There isn’t one of these attached to WeBuy’s alternative site. Rather than the trademark blue for cars, a darker green shade is used here for vans. Not many details follow surrounding what they are seeking, but they do state that they’ll buy vans of any age and condition.

The Service Fees and Payouts:
Matched fees are in place as with cars. This means that an admin fee is payable at £58.75 for valuations below £4999.99 that increases to £78.75 for £5000 valuations and above. A slow payment comes at no cost or you can instead opt for a speedy same day transfer at £24.95. This was recently provided for free during a promotional period, but this has now come to an end.