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We Want Any Car Manchester
Total UK Network Size: 69 (Local: 4 | All Shown on Map)

Postcode Search: M1 4WB (MCR City Centre) Returned 4 Results

1) We Want Any Car Manchester, Princess Road, M20 2LT
Distance (Google Maps): 3.7m
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (9am/Late)
Purchaser: Edd Ngwenya

2) We Want Any Car Oldham, Shaw Road, OL1 3HZ
Distance (Google Maps): 8.7m
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (9am/Late)
Purchaser: Phil Turner

3) We Want Any Car Warrington, Kingsland Grange, WA1 4SH
Distance (Google Maps): 16.4m
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (9am/Late)
Purchaser: Michael Walsh

4) We Want Any Car Bolton, Macron Stadium, BL6 6SF
Distance (Google Maps): 19m
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (9am/Late)
Purchaser: Paul Brindle

Nearby Postcode Search: Same Results Fetched.

*Outlets are named as they are on the buyer’s site.


Coverage (4):
4 locations were fetched on both the main and alternative postcode checks.

Range (3.7m-19m):
Princess Road came in the closest at 3.7 miles away from our target. Oldham was also quite close at 8.7. The Macron Stadium was the furthest away at 19 miles. This is of course the stadium of English Football League One club Bolton Wanderers. The branch itself is based just on the car park.

Visit Stats

Closure Range:
Mon-Fri (6.30pm)
Sat (5.30pm)
Sun (4pm)

Open Range:
7/7 (x4)

*Late is always noted as the closing time for this buyer. Those times noted above are commonly listed as the final booking slots through their site. This was the case across a number of locations checked over.

Alt Search: WeWantAnyCar Manchester

Data Collected: February 14th, 2017.

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