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We Want Any Car Glasgow
Total UK Network Size: 69 (Local: 4 | 3/4 Shown on Map)

Postcode Search: G1 1YU (GLA City Centre) Returned 4 Results

1) We Want Any Car Glasgow, Hillington, G52 4RU
Distance (Google Maps): 8.1m
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (9am/Late)
Purchaser: Alan Bush

2) We Want Any Car Motherwell, Parklands Way – Maxim Office Park, ML1 4WR
Distance (Google Maps): 14.4m
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (9am/Late)
Purchaser: William McCulloch

3) We Want Any Car Kilmarnock, 15 Munro Place, KA1 2NP
Distance (Google Maps): 24.2m
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (9am/Late)
Purchaser: Andy Rossi

4) We Want Any Car Edinburgh, 4 Redheughs Rigg, EH12 9DQ
Distance (Google Maps): 41.9m
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (9am/Late)
Purchaser: Gordon Laird

Nearby Postcode Search: Same Results Fetched.

*Outlets are named as they are on the buyer’s site.


Coverage (4):
The primary search pulled up 4 locations. The same 4 appeared on the alternative local search.

Range (8.1m-41.9m):
Hillington was the closest branch to our target at 8.1 miles and Motherwell then followed at 14.4m. Kilmarnock went further, but Edinburgh took some beating at 41.9 miles away. This was a Regus rented office. We have seen the Regus partnerships elsewhere at

Visit Stats

Closure Range:
Mon-Fri (6.30pm)
Sat (5.30pm)
Sun (4pm)

Open Range:
7/7 (x4)

*The Late reference on times is vague. From testing out their booking form, the usual cut-off times have been Mon-Fri (6.30pm), Sat (5.30pm) and Sun (4pm).

Alt Search: WeWantAnyCar Glasgow

Data Collected: February 25th, 2017.

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