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We Buy Any Car | AKA: WeBuyAnyCar,

Established in 2006 by Darren and Noel McKee. Their father (Frank McKee) was the founder of Carcraft.

On a past check they had 225 branches, but this has dropped down a little to 206 (still the highest tally). Operational days and times vary greatly. Whilst some stores remain open 7 days a week, you will tend to find that others close on 2 random days such as a Monday and Wednesday. As this is the largest company we’ll be looking at their network in detail over the coming months. The details follow.

1st Search in Manchester (6 Locations)
2nd Search in Glasgow (7 Locations)
3rd Search in London (7 Locations)


We Buy Any Car was purchased by British Car Auctions (BCA) back in 2013. They in turn were acquired by Haversham Holdings Plc who have now taken on the name of the BCA Marketplace Plc.

The UK’s most well known used car buying service has been tried out by more than 1 million sellers. They are the most recognisable industry player continually boosted by aggressive TV ad campaigning. We looked further at their £15 million contract with Driven fronted by James Corden here. They were importantly the first to market in 2006 with the next rival service (SellCar) arriving in 2007. This British brand expanded to the United States in 2011. They currently have around 50 branches overseas and operate online from There has also been a spin-off company devised that focuses on van sales at Back in early 2016 they acquired The Car Buying Service that they have recently merged within the central brand.

The Car Buying Service (now closed), We Buy Any Van.

Reviews (We Buy Any Car Reviews @ Feefo, Review Centre & Trustpilot):
Feefo: 90% (10,980) | Review Centre: 80% (7430) | Trustpilot: 90% (12,550).

The Process:
The 3 step process includes 1) Receiving an online valuation, 2) Booking an appointment and 3) Completing the sale. The potential is there to visit them today and receive funding within hours. To get started you simply need to head to and receive a valuation. They’ll ask for your car’s registration number and a few other details. Data is stored on all vehicles up to the age of 25. Anything older and you’ll need to enter the details manually. Their valuation is provided within just a few minutes and will be valid for 7 days. There is a We Buy Any Car login that will allow you to manage your appointment and change details.

The Service Fees and Payouts:
There is no transaction fee between £50 and £99.99. A £49.99 charge is seen between £100 and £4999.99, whilst for £5000+ you’ll be charged £74.99. There is an optional fee to factor in depending on how quickly you want your money. If you can afford to be patient, then their free Future Dated Faster Payment will reach your account within 4 working days. You can opt for a next working day transfer at £24.75, or you can choose their Premier Payment at £29.75 that will transfer the funds to your account within a few hours.