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Trusted Car Buyers | AKA: Trusted Car Buyer,

Website was developed in 2013 and the full launch followed in 2014. Lance Fisher serves as Director.

TCB’s branch network sits at around 90 and their plan is to expand to 300 over the coming years. Most branches are placed inside the premises of existing motor dealerships. The vehicle’s purchased replenish the forecourts of the partnered dealers. From a pool of outlets checked, most were open 7 days a week closing late at 9pm. Sunday is usually headed as by appointment only that just means you can’t turn up out of the blue. As one of the industry majors, we’ll be starting to look at their network in detail across a range of locations. This began with Manchester where they had the largest reach.

1st Search in Manchester (7 Locations)
Glasgow (No Coverage)
3rd Search in London (6 Locations)


Trusted Car Buyers was acquired by Vehicle Trading Group Ltd not too long after they launched. VTG has helped to sync their network and maximise their brand awareness via nationwide ad campaigning. More recently it states on the site that it is owned by UAE’s TCB International Ltd. We’ll keep an eye out for updates.

This service has enjoyed incredible traction primarily throughout 2015 and 2016 through TV advertising. This has helped them to close up the gap on They are still shy on their network size (206), but are as noted looking to expand to 300. The main USP of this service is seen in competitive pricing. This is aided by the fact that they resell the vehicles purchased rather than opt for a quick trade profit. In generating a higher sale, this can then be passed on to the customer. In the most recent comparison, they ranked #1.

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Reviews (Trusted Car Buyers Reviews @ Feefo, Review Centre & Trustpilot):
Feefo: 94% (430) | Review Centre and Trustpilot: No listings.

The Process:
There was a requirement on the vehicle’s worth of £2000+, no older than 10 years and no more than 100k+ miles. These limits have however now been relaxed. Simply enter your reg number at to receive a quick valuation. You then book your appointment and then head down to complete the sale. There is a central price quoted and they now offer the choice of a higher amount if you could instead wait whilst they sell on your behalf. There is a handy Trusted Car Buyers login fitted that will allow you to manage your appointment and retrieve any past quote.

The Service Fees and Payouts:
There is no admin fee. The standard free payment option takes 4 days. If you wish to speed this up then you’ll be charged £49.99. They make these fast transfers by CHAPS.

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Awarded: Best Alternative