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Trusted Car Buyers Manchester
Total UK Network Size: 90 (Approx) (Local: 7 | 5 from M1 4WB Shown on Map)

Postcode Search: M1 4WB (MCR City Centre) Returned 5 Results

1) Trusted Car Buyers Didsbury, 41 Kingston Road, M20 2YY
Distance (Google Maps): 5.8m (TCB: 5.8m)
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (IP)
Organisation: Regus

2) Trusted Car Buyers Salford, Thurlow Street, M41 7JX
Distance (Google Maps): 6.8m (TCB: 6.8m)
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday (9am/9pm), Sunday (App-Only)
Organisation: Status Car Care

3) Trusted Car Buyers Oldham, Parsons Street, OL9 7AH
Distance (Google Maps): 7.1m (TCB: 7.7m)
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday (9am/9pm), Sunday (App-Only)
Organisation: Lavenham Business Center

4) Trusted Car Buyers Dukinfield, 69 Park Road, SK16 5LX
Distance (Google Maps): 8.1m (TCB: 8.4m)
Opening Hours: Monday (9am/5pm), Tuesday to Wednesday (9am/6pm), Thursday (9am/7pm), Friday (9am/6pm), Saturday (9am/5pm), Sunday (10am/3pm)
Organisation: MVP Vehicle Solutions

5) Trusted Car Buyers Hyde, 81 Manchester Road, SK14 2BT
Distance (Google Maps): 8.7m (TCB: 7.5m)
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday (9am/9pm), Sunday (App-Only)
Organisation: UCan Car Credit

Nearby Postcode Search: Oldham and Salford Were Replaced by Cheadle and MCR Airport (both IP).

= Cheadle, 5300 Lakeside, SK8 3GP (GM: 8.9m)
OH: Mon/Sun (IP) | O: Regus

= MCR Airport, 3000 Aviator Way, M22 5TG (GM: 8.9m)
OH: Mon/Sun (IP) | O: Regus

*Outlets are named as they are on the buyer’s site.


Coverage (5+2):
5 locations were fetched in the main search (1 was an IP). In the alternative local search 2 further IPs showed including Cheadle and MCR Airport. Both are 8.9 miles away from our designated spot and so they are just a little further away than the main 5.

An Inspection Point is connected with Regus who rent out their office spaces. The opening times are always listed as blank. They’ll likely only use them when bookings are arranged.

With the exception of Mark Cranmer who was listed for Dukinfield, every other listing marked Ryan Muldoon as the representative. He would likely be appointed as an area manager with dealership staff completing the transactions. There would likely be further staff heading to the Regus locations also.

Range (5.8m-8.9m):
Didsbury was closest at 5.8 miles. The furthest was the noted IPs at 8.9 miles and so they have plenty of coverage across the region. The TCB mileage estimates were similar to Google’s.

Visit Stats

Closure Range:
Mon-Fri (5pm-9pm)
Sat (5pm-9pm)
Sun (3pm+App)

Open Range:
7/7 (x7)

*App-Only means by appointment only that is specific to Sundays. This means that a booking is possible, but only in advance rather than just turning up. It is not made clear what the latest time would be in this scenario (update to follow).

Alt Search: TrustedCarBuyers Manchester

Data Collected: February 14th, 2017.