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Trusted Car Buyers London
Total UK Network Size: 90 (Approx) (Local: 6 | 5 from SE1 7NJ Shown on Map)

Postcode Search: SE1 7NJ (LDN City Centre) Returned 5 Results

1) Trusted Car Buyers Catford London, Rushey Green, SE6 4JF
Distance (Google Maps): 6.9m (TCB: 5.9m)
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (8.30am/5.30pm), Saturday (8.30am/5pm), Sunday (Closed)
Organisation: Rushmores and Hawstead Garage
Purchasers: Robert Higham

2) Trusted Car Buyers Wimbledon South London, Lombard Road, SW19 3TZ
Distance (Google Maps): 8.3m (TCB: 7.6m)
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday (9am/6pm), Sunday (Closed)
Organisation: JSW Cars
Purchasers: John Walsh

3) Trusted Car Buyers Enfield North London, Parsonage Lane, EN2 0AJ
Distance (Google Maps): 13.7m (TCB: 23.8m)
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (9am/6pm), Saturday (9am/5pm), Sunday (Closed)
Organisation: Lea Valley Motor Co
Purchasers: Mick Lovett

4) Trusted Car Buyers Watford, St. Albans Road, WD24 5BB
Distance (Google Maps): 20.8m (TCB: 24m)
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday (9.30am/6pm), Friday (10am/5.30pm), Saturday (9.30am/6.30pm), Sunday (11am/4pm)
Organisation: H & D Motors
Purchasers: Richard (no surname noted)

5) Trusted Car Buyers Hertford, Merchant Drive, SG13 7BH
Distance (Google Maps): 41.5m (TCB: 40.7m)
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (9am/6pm), Saturday (9am/5pm), Sunday (Closed)
Organisation: Modern Classics
Purchasers: John Westbeech

Nearby Postcode Search: Hertford Replaced by Brighton.

= Brighton Sussex, London Road, BN6 9HZ (GM: 42.7m)
OH: Mon/Fri (8.30am/6.30pm), Sat (8.30am/5pm), Sun (10am/4pm) | O: North Star | P: Mark Buckle

*Outlets are named as they are on the buyer’s site.


Coverage (5+1):
Trusted’s main search delivered 5 locations and the secondary postcode pulled up a 6th location.

Range (6.9m-42.7m):
Catford wasn’t far away from our target at 6.9 miles. The next few listings were also close, but Hertford was certainly a good distance away at 41.5 miles. Brighton that was pulled up on the 2nd search was also distant at 42.7 miles.

Visit Stats

Closure Range:
Mon-Fri (5.30pm-6.30pm)
Sat (5pm-6.30pm)
Sun (4pm)

Open Range:
7/7 (x2)
6/7 (x4)

Alt Search: TrustedCarBuyers London

Data Collected: March 13th, 2017.