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Update: This company has closed down (merged into

The Car Buying Service
The Car Buying Service | AKA: TheCarBuyingService.

Formed by Nicholas Carnell in 2012. Was recently acquired by in early 2016. The site remains live, but it now merely acts as a gateway. When you enter a quote or hit any menu buttons you’ll quickly be redirected. When you do this a banner will state that they are now working together to provide a nationwide service. There has however been a complete sale that was confirmed through the founder’s LinkedIn page.

The tally had reached 26 branches. Most of these have now closed down. The owner looks to saved 15 of them that takes their total network up to 225.


We Buy Any Car Ltd who are part of BCA Marketplace Plc.

Grew impressively over the time that they were trading. Via just under 30 branches they were purchasing 6000 cars a year and generating a turnover of £25 million. Had become popular on the web, but was never one of the big advertisers in the space. They seemed to be taking all of the right steps and their Feefo score was excellent at 99%. This was a savvy coup for the market leader, but it must have taken a lucrative deal to sway Nicholas Carnell into the sale and away from turning them into a potential big contender.

We Buy Any Car, We Buy Any Van.

Reviews (The Car Buying Service Reviews @ Feefo, Review Centre & Trustpilot):
Feefo: 96% (1230) | Review Centre and Trustpilot: No listings.

The Process:
The standard setup of filling in a quote, booking a spot and heading to your local branch was in place. We can’t dig into the specifics as they have removed all of this information from their site now. It doesn’t matter now anyway as your lead will be passed on to You can view their profile to learn the ins and outs.

The Service Fees and Payouts:
See above.