Sell My Car Manchester Comparison

Sell My Car Manchester Comparison…
Sell My Car Manchester Comparison
There has so far been 2 price comparison tests on each of the car buying services that have been profiled here. Further testing on pricing will follow in time, but our next line of focus will shift to look at the spread of networks across the UK’s major cities and towns. This will begin with Sell My Car Manchester that was selected since this is our local city. To compare networks across this region we’ll pick out the top 3 buyers with the largest branch networks. The largest by some distance is with 206 branches. Next up from this follows with approx 90 (they don’t list all) and the 3rd largest is who are found in 69 locations.

The first task was to pick out a postcode that could then be typed in at each of the sites to see how they compared. We opted for “M1 4WB” that is situated right in the city centre. This is actually the postcode of the Premier Inn hotel on Portland Street. The idea is that each company then presents full branch information that we can then fit together. This’ll include the address, opening times and the vehicle purchaser. On occasion, the branch distance from the postcode entered is displayed. However, the idea was to do this ourselves through Google Maps. Google’s data isn’t always accurate, but the estimates are only to be used as a rough guide anyway.

As well as the main search under M1 4WB a 2nd one will be entered for Stockport that is around 6.5 miles away. The reason for running a 2nd search was to check whether any further local branches were pulled up. As it turned out, it was a good idea to do this since further locations were indeed tracked. Over the coming months the objective will be to investigate other popular regions across the UK. This will hopefully help to answer just who is the best of the majors to serve you locally. Here are the results for this initial studied region. Each specific MCR page is linked below if you wish to uncover the complete data.

Trusted Car Buyers Manchester

Trusted Car Buyers

7 Locations | Range: 5.8m to 8.9m (Nearest: 41 Kingston Road, M20 2YY)

Didsbury (5.8m), Salford (6.8m), Oldham (7.1m), Dukinfield (8.1m), Hyde (8.7m), Cheadle (8.9m), MCR Airport (8.9m)

Closure Range: Mon-Fri (5pm-9pm), Sat (5pm-9pm), Sun (3pm+App)

Open Days: 7/7 (x7)

We Buy Any Car Manchester

We Buy Any Car

6 Locations | Range: 2.1m to 10.9m (Nearest: Cheetham Hill Road, M8 8EP)

Manchester (2.1m), Trafford (5.5m), Denton (6.1m), Altrincham (7.8m), Oldham (7.9m), Stockport (10.9m)

Closure Range: Mon-Fri (7pm-8pm), Sat (6pm), Sun (6pm)

Open Days: 7/7 (x4), 5/7 (x2)

We Want Any Car Manchester

We Want Any Car

4 Locations | Range: 3.7m to 19m (Nearest: Princess Road, M20 2LT)

Manchester (3.7m), Oldham (8.7m), Warrington (16.4m), Bolton (19m)

Closure Range: Mon-Fri (6.30pm), Sat (5.30pm), Sun (4pm)

Open Days: 7/7 (x4)

– TrustedCarBuyer’s appointment only Sunday times are unknown. only shows 9am/Late times. Their average final booking slots have been added.