Sell My Car London Comparison

Sell My Car London Comparison…
Sell My Car London Comparison
Following on from Manchester and then Glasgow, the obvious next location to head to was our great capital. We’ll again be focusing on the 3 largest chains. The biggest is who’ll be joined by and also The initial expectation was that each of these buyers would have a big focus on this region. The capital surely can’t be ignored, with a population of almost 8.7 million whilst the Urban population is getting quite close to 10 million. London of course has an extensive reach and so we’ll likely to return to compare other local areas. To get started, we however opted to strike a balance between the City of London and the City of Westminster.

There is just a small distance between these at 2.5 miles. Premier Inn again helped us to pinpoint an ideal local spot to analyse. The main postcode choice opted for was London Waterloo (Westminster Bridge) at “SE1 7NJ”. To support this location, the nearby Brixton hotel at “SW9 8HH” was used as the secondary search match at 3.5 miles away. It is clear that the demand for sales across this area would be significant. However, it is important to remember that this is the capital that just happens to be the most expensive place to live and operate a business. Finding available retail space is tricky and those sky high rents are a problem.

A clever tactic of WeBuy and WeWant has been to expand through mobile pods. This has been the pathway taken here in London. Just from this single search we spotted 2 We Buy Any Car Asda car park pods and a We Want Any Car Sainsbury’s car park pod. This has enabled these buyers to reach highly populated areas with minimal expense. Trusted Car Buyers don’t face this same retail issue since they move within existing dealerships and other motoring premises. This is ideal for them, that was only let down in this region by the fact that many of their partners close on Sundays. Anyway, let’s take a look at London’s results.

Trusted Car Buyers London

Trusted Car Buyers

6 Locations | Range: 6.9m to 42.7m (Nearest: Rushey Green, SE6 4JF)

Catford (6.9m), Wimbledon (8.3m), Enfield (13.7m), Watford (20.8m), Hertford (41.5m), Brighton (42.7m)

Closure Range: Mon-Fri (5.30pm-6.30pm), Sat (5pm-6.30pm), Sun (4pm)

Open Days: 7/7 (x2), 6/7 (x4)

We Buy Any Car London

We Buy Any Car

7 Locations | Range: 2.3m to 10.2m (Nearest: Willow Walk, SE1 5SF)

Tower Bridge (2.3m), Clapham (4.3m), Fulham (4.8m), Cricklewood (7.1m), Charlton (7.7m), Leyton (7.7m), Croydon (10.2m)

Closure Range: Mon-Fri (5pm-7pm), Sat (6pm), Sun (5pm-6pm)

Open Days: 7/7 (x5), 6/7 (x1), 5/7 (x1)

We Want Any Car London

We Want Any Car

5 Locations | Range: 9.3m to 26.2m (Nearest: Hyde Estate Road, NW9 6JX)

Hendon (9.3m), Wembley (10.7m), Croydon (12.2m), Hounslow (16.9m), Waltham Abbey (26.2m)

Closure Range: Mon-Fri (6.30pm), Sat (5.30pm), Sun (4pm)

Open Days: 7/7 (x4), 6/7 (x1)

– displays generic 9am/Late times. We have added their average final booking slots.