Sell My Car Glasgow Comparison

Sell My Car Glasgow Comparison…
Sell My Car Glasgow Comparison
Info: is by far the most popular car buying service, but in what area of the UK are they making up most of their ground? When analysing Google trends data over the past 5 years it was a surprise to see that their highest volume of interest was generated in Scotland. It made sense in this instance for our next location comparison to venture into one of the top Scottish cities. The obvious choice to get up and running was Glasgow as the highest populated city. Both Aberdeen and Edinburgh will be interesting locations to analyse at a later date. As the case with our Manchester search, the idea was to compare the 3 largest services.

As with MCR, the objective was to pick out a target right in the city centre. We again used the postcode of a Premier Inn hotel since they always locate themselves in the heart of the major cities. And so we then found Glasgow City Centre (George Square) with the postcode “G1 1YU”. There is a nearby hotel in Cumbernauld “G67 1AX” and so we chose this for the secondary search. There is just a 13 mile distance across these areas. The reason behind carrying out 2nd searches is that this usually uncovers extra locations as has been shown in testing. Going back to the buyers, was added, but there was a problem with

To our surprise they didn’t have a single Scottish location. Other large groups were looked at, but had just the one local location and another in Edinburgh. also had nothing nearby. Analysing the big dealers in this sector such as Arnold Clark and Evans Halshaw isn’t easy since no information is presented on which dealerships have purchase departments. You only get an idea of nearby showrooms when filling in quotes. The decision was therefore taken to just go with WeBuy vs WeWant. These are the obvious choices for Glasgow residents, but just which one of them shined in testing? Let’s have a look at how each scored. Links follow for the full results.

We Buy Any Car Glasgow

We Buy Any Car

7 Locations | Range: 1.6m to 27.2m (Nearest: Cumberland Street, G5 9QJ)

Shawlands (1.6m), Springburn (1.8m), Braehead (8.4m), Bellshill (11.6m), Cumbernauld (13.3m), Hamilton (13.5m), Falkirk (27.2m)

Closure Range: Mon-Fri (6pm-8pm), Sat (6pm), Sun (6pm)

Open Days: 7/7 (x3), 6/7 (x1), 5/7 (x3)

We Want Any Car Glasgow

We Want Any Car

4 Locations | Range: 8.1m to 41.9m (Nearest: Hillington, G52 4RU)

Glasgow (8.1m), Motherwell (14.4m), Kilmarnock (24.2m), Edinburgh (41.9m)

Closure Range: Mon-Fri (6.30pm), Sat (5.30pm), Sun (4pm)

Open Days: 7/7 (x4)

–’s listed times are 9am/Late. Their common last booking slots are added.