We appreciate the time that our readers dedicate to us. From today onwards we’d like to demonstrate this by introducing a new reward scheme open to all. At any on time we recommend the top 3 car buying services. For 2 of the 3 we’ll now be offering £40 cashback for a tracked sale. This will be joined by a £20 bonus for every referral to this page that translates to a transaction. The 2 services that qualify for cashback are and There is unfortunately no reward for who we also link out to. This may change in the future. Let’s run through a quick Q&A to address the ins and outs.

– Why are you offering this promotion?
Many people look up information here and then go on to visit the buyer directly when they make up their mind. Why not incentivise our own links and make the reader more appreciative to us? This is the general idea here. This promotion also sparks added inspiration to make this site a much better resource.

– Are there any important steps to take?
You must click through the supplied links below and complete a sale. Make sure that you have no cookie restrictions in place. If there is no tracking then we can’t pass on the reward.

– How do I claim cashback and how will this be paid?
The request form is attached below. Head through our qualifying links, book the appointment and complete the sale. When we are alerted by the buyer that the sale did go through we’ll then be able to pass on the reward straight away. The simplest way to pass on cashback would be via PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal then we can arrange an alternative method.

– How do I refer someone?
Share this page with the seller. When they make a claim they just need to fill in your referrer or website name on the form. We’ll reach out to them to get your details to move forward. You may know a friend who is looking to sell or you may be part of a forum, own a related blog etc that can help to drive sellers here.

– How much is the reward and does this affect the sale price?
The buyer pays the exact same price as to those heading direct. The difference is that we’ll pay £40 per sale plus £20 for every referral. There is no limit on how many referrals you can make.

– What do we ask for in return?
We don’t ask for anything! If you do take advantage of this promotion then it would be great if you could just leave a few comments on how the experience was for you. There is no requirement to do this. It would just be helpful to add these comments on the site to help guide potential sellers on what they can expect throughout the process.

– Which services qualify and why?
Trusted Car Buyers and We Want Any Car qualify only. The links for each are added below. Our main comparison and recommendations page demonstrates the reasoning behind our choices. Above all else, each have favourable reviews, a good retail presence and they deliver competitive value. Trusted in fact offered the best overall price in our latest price comparison of every active service.

Got any more questions? If so, get in contact and we’ll get back to you soon.

Our opening hours are: Monday to Sunday (7am-10pm).

Qualifying Links (Link)

Trusted Car Buyers (Link)

We Want Any Car

*The links above pop open in a new window.
*You may wish to get a quote at each to see how they compare for you.

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