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Motorhog Sell Your Car
Motorhog Sell Your Car | AKA: Motor Hog.

Formed as Doncaster Motor Spares in 1939. It is not clear how long they have been purchasing quality used cars for resale.

On a past check they were found in 15 locations. This count has dropped down to 11. However, the Leeds and Sheffield sites are listed as being temporarily closed. You can either head to one of their depots or they can arrange a collection from your home. The usual opening hours during the week are 8.30am until either 5pm or 5.30pm. Saturday is 9am to 1pm and they close up on Sundays. There are 2 branches with shorter times that also close on Saturdays.


Has remained privately owned.

A major player in salvage. They employ over 250 full-time staff and generate several million pounds of turnover each year. Motorhog’s web popularity is notably high. To sell your car to Motorhog wouldn’t be the obvious first choice unless it was in pretty dire shape. They are however becoming an increasingly popular choice as an alternative to the leading car buying websites and are ranking favourably in Google for many of the top industry keywords.

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Reviews (Motorhog Reviews @ Feefo, Review Centre & Trustpilot):
= Relates to parts and not selling.

The Process:
Enter and head through the Sell Your Car section. They ask here for your reg and postcode. A button request turns a page where you then add your mileage, service history and such things as body damage and mechanical faults that is expected based on their main line of work. For overall condition you can select Poor, Average or Good. On our first test they were unable to generate a price, but on the latest test they did manage an instant quote for each of the 3 conditions. One of the key benefits of this particular service is that they don’t care how old your vehicle is and what state it is in. The quality stock that they purchase appears to be sold on through

The Service Fees and Payouts:
There are no admin or transfer fees. It is not confirmed whether the payout is same day.