James Corden’s We Buy Any Car Ads by Driven

James Corden's We Buy Any Car Ads by DrivenWith a plush $24 million Malibu property and a promising career stateside, James Corden wouldn’t strike many as the obvious choice to take the voice-over crown. Mega motoring brands have however been flocking to the TV personality in recent years. The insurance giant Aviva took a booking for their Aviva Drive App Challenge ad. The price comparison giant also scrapped Brian the Robot for the main man in Confused’s Driver Wins campaign where there was even a central starring role. Then we have the James Corden We Buy Any Car adverts that have flowed in great quantity. The theme has often changed, but we have all become accustomed to Mr Corden’s “The UK’s Favourite Car Buying Service” sign-off.

Some people may wonder just why the TV personality has became to go-to guy for mainstream advertising. It helps that there was initial big brand support, but he is also easy pickings to be scouted, with a listing on Sue Terry Voices. This is a celebrity themed voice-over agency established in 1999. A collection of ads have been making the rounds in late 2016 and early 2017 including Bonkers, Empty Sofa, Profound, Shocking and Princess. The latter has proved the most popular release of the bunch. These ads and the historic creations have tended to be famed as big annoyances for viewers, mainly due to the sheer volume of ads that have been screened out.

There can be no disputing the production quality of these campaigns that are the workings of Driven (The Driven Agency). They were awarded the lucrative contract in 2010. This was initially a £10 million account that has since increased to £15 million. Before this time they developed fully in-house. Driven are an established team based in Wilmslow, Cheshire. They have mostly worked with recognisable food and drink brands such as Findus, Jameson, Seabrook, Subway and Vimto. Amigo Loans and Wowcher are some of the more tech aligned partners. In motoring they have worked with the now defunct Carcraft. As you may be aware, Carcraft was founded by Frank McKee and later sold on to sons Darren and Noel.

These just happen to be the founders of that connects the dots with Driven. Carcraft’s fate was unfortunately doomed and they went bust, with the brand being acquired by the Carfinance247 owners (the Rix brothers) who turned it into a classifieds site. The James Corden We Buy Any Car adverts have come in high dosage and Driven’s creative team are expected to take the reigns for many years to come. Business is certainly going well for the major car buying service who have now served 1 million customers. We have attached below their first YouTube posted ad in early 2008 (2 years after launch). This is joined by 2 of Driven’s recent creations including Empty Sofa and Princess.

Posted: March 2008 (Original)

Posted: December 2016 (Princess)

Posted: January 2017 (Empty Sofa)