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Gumtree Cars (Sell Your Car)
Gumtree Cars | AKA: Gumtree Sell Your Car.

Motors is the general classified section that divides into various split departments. Gumtree Cars is the central one that most people search for online (obviously to buy). The company itself was founded in March 2000 by Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall. EBay later took control.



EBay Inc took ownership in May 2005. This was for an undisclosed sum.

This is the UK’s leading classified site. Their current Alexa UK rank is just 43. They haven’t surpassed just yet though who rank 9th with their auctions. Monthly stats posted for November 2016 showed 16.8 million unique visits (594 million page views). The share of Motors was 3.5m (111m). Remember that this includes all vehicles type listings. The actual traffic stat may be much different across the year. Obviously November is a great month for them in the run-up to Christmas. AutoTrader is the only higher trafficked motoring site. They also have the extension, but this just redirects to the dot com.


Reviews (Gumtree Reviews @ Feefo, Review Centre & Trustpilot):
Review Centre: 24% (450) | Trustpilot: 7% (320) | Feefo: No listing.

The Process:
Just to comment on those poor reviews, it does appear that people are only using RC and TP to leave bad feedback. Users must rarely feel the need to go on to praise a deal that was found. Obviously the bulk of users are happy otherwise they wouldn’t be doing as well as they are today. It is rare to see no business presence on either platform. Perhaps it may be the case that they think they’re too big to fail (they are a top 50 visited site in the UK). The concern is that when problems do occur they may not be as helpful as their rivals. For reference they do have a dedicated Twitter support @HelpMeGumtree.

Selling a car at Gumtree is free for private sellers who make a single listing that will be active for 30 days. In the instance that a 2nd advert needs to be posted over this period then there will be a charge of £15 for it. Dealers always have to pay for ads. When we checked out the motors section there was over 303,000 ads in total. Around half were joined to the car section at 156,000. The ads are pretty basic, but there are lots of opportunities for sales. It helps if added boosts are paid for. How long for the ad to appear? They usually approve within the hour, although it can take 4 when they are busy.

The Service Fees and Payouts:
A single private ad is free. The 2nd is £15. Dealers are assigned as traders. Trader prices must be requested at Whilst posting a Gumtree car ad may be free, there are extra charges to maximise visibility. Gumtree’s promote your ad fees include Urgent at £9.95 (7 days) and Featured that runs as £11.45 (3), £14.45 (7) or £17.45 (14). For Spotlight you pay £24.95 (for 7). Other than Featured, Spotlight and Urgent you can add a website link for £7.50. You have to factor in of course that they cram loads of other ads on the page that doesn’t make things easier on the sales front.