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Evans Halshaw Sell Your Car
Evans Halshaw Sell Your Car | AKA: EvansHalshaw.

This famous motor dealer’s history dates back to 1927. How long they have been buying cars for cash is unclear, but the advertisements for this service started popping up in late 2015.

They have close to 130 dealerships across the UK franchising such leading automakers as Ford, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Vauxhall etc. They themselves don’t put a number on the participating outlets, but over on Stratstone they note that there are over 30 and so the network coverage should stand at around 25%. When we ran through the booking process there was 3 local meeting points. From this small panel bookings could be arranged 7 days a week. The last time to book was up to 6.20pm (Mon/Fri), 5.20pm (Sat) and 4.20pm (Sun). The times may vary elsewhere.


The owner is Pendragon Plc who are the UK’s largest motoring group by turnover at £4.4 billion. Pendagron’s closest competitor is the Sytner Group who generates £3.6 billion.

The owner may be top dog in motoring, but a big part of their business looms from Stratstone. They get those big ticket sales through high-end franchises such as Aston Martin and Porsche. Halshaw’s battle for market dominance has been hindered by Arnold Clark and their vast span of 200 outlets. Both of these volume dealers are not just fighting for new and used car sales. It is clear that the pair now want a slice of WeBuyAnyCar’s market share. Halshaw’s potential is certainly promising, boosted by their advertising efforts and high rankings in Google search for key industry terms.

Stratstone (they direct users to this product).

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= Relates to buying and not selling.

The Process:
Appointments are booked through They initially didn’t provide online quotes, but in recent testing they sent a price over by email. The price offered is valid for a period of 7 days. Unsurprisingly, they head that they’ll beat after deduction of their applicable fees. I wouldn’t be overly confident about this since in our latest test the market leader offered an extra £500. Overall, this dealer is competing better than their rivals in most areas. They provide more detailed service info and have been advertising much more. However, Arnold Clark is buying across 50% of their network (rather than 25% here).

The Service Fees and Payouts:
No admin fee is charged. With payments you can either go free and wait 3 days on clearance, or instead opt for same day funding for £15.