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EBay Cars (Sell Your Car)
EBay Cars | AKA: E Bay Sell Your Car, EBay Motors.

As the case with Gumtree, the main motoring platform is known as Motors (most people search under this). We have added cars since this is the particular category of interest. It is important to differentiate since most eyes will be skimming through the parts section where there are millions of items selling. Pierre Omidyar formed this company in 1995. Most people are familiar with the profile of this web giant that has a market cap usually floating between 36 and 38 billion. We’ll glance over their auction-style and fixed price options below, but it is their classifieds section of most interest.



EBay Inc has a few subsidiaries. Gumtree has been their big UK investment that was acquired in May 2005.

This powerhouse has showed no signs of slowing down. The Alexa UK ranking comes in at #9. The only retailer ahead is who currently sit in 6th. Selling a motor could open up an audience upwards of 17 million each month. The potential for sales sees a much smaller share though. Over at they reference EBay’s reach as being the 7th highest that is a good indicator of this. Gumtree’s rank was 2nd whilst AutoTrader of course topped the tree. Just to add that was used for some time, but there is now a redirect when clicking there.


Reviews (EBay Reviews @ Feefo, Review Centre & Trustpilot):
Review Centre: 52% (260) | Trustpilot: 15% (3120) | Feefo: No listing.

The Process:
On feedback, we saw similar poor reviews with Gumtree. They have no business presence on either platform. You get a lot of whiners and few coming to praise. They are used that frequently that people probably don’t ever think about leaving feedback. It is important however to see a greater level of care provided when things do go wrong that hands the edge to their rivals. There are 3 options when it comes to selling your car with EBay. Auction and fixed price are joined by classifieds. Auctions see durations of 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days. Fixed price (Buy it now) is 3, 5, 7, 10, 30 days or Good ‘Til Cancelled.

Classifieds run for 28 days with the added option of Good ‘Til Cancelled. When heading into the cars-only section there was at this time 210,000 live listings. In comparison, with car parts there was 19 million! This gives a hint on why this web giant isn’t one of the very top solutions when it comes to big ticket sales. It will take some time to compose the advert as you’d like it to be. The listing pages do look a little cluttered. A nice touch with classifieds is the website link. It is commonly referenced that it’ll take 24 hours for a listing to go live. You can expect it to take place much sooner than this though.

The Service Fees and Payouts:
The cost of an EBay classified car advert for private sellers is £14.99 on insertion. A few extras include gallery plus (£2.99) and subtitle (50p). With auctions and fixed the insertion is £10 and there are extras of scheduler (5p) and subtitle (50p). Auctioning differs with add-ons of BIN (£2.99) and reserve (£7.99). Both also have 1% of the final transaction to pay (£20 to £35). You don’t need to worry about this with classifieds. There are different business charges. These actually go lower that sees £13.03 (classified) and £8.70 (auction/fixed). Gallery is £2.60, subtitle is 43p, you have £2.60 (BIN) and £6.95 (reserve). There is a smaller 0.9% taken of the final transaction (£17.39 to £30.43).

Most dealers head over to EBay Motors Pro found at Joining on a plan includes a 2 month free trial to get started. For dealers that sell up to 25 vehicle there is a £219 monthly cost, whilst for between 201 and 300 this charge is £679. These costs do sounds high, but when the dealer is doing serious volume they will be getting a much better deal this way. We’d advise a private seller to opt for a classified listing at £14.99. It may be worth going with the add-ons as well. Gallery shows larger pictures at £2.99 and the subtitle adds an extra descriptive line for 50p. Each will boost your listing’s visibility.