Compare: Sell My Car Online with No Admin Fee

Compare: Sell My Car Online with No Admin FeeThe admin fee is one of the most common annoyances addressed by motor sellers. There is clear frustration that such a charge is there in the first place, but it also doesn’t help that these tend to be hidden from view. When they are charged, they aren’t made clearly visible at the quotation stage. Fast funding payments don’t also tend to be clearly noted, although these are less expensive and they are entirely optional. The good news is that most dedicated services don’t charge administration fees as you’ll see below. Most people do however end up paying one if they head to (the market leader has over 1 million customers).

Compare: Sell My Car Online with No Admin Fee



BestCarBuyer | (<6 years unless prestige)




IWanttoSellMyCar | (<8 years and 70k miles)



Free with Restricted Locations…

Car4Cash | (>£2000)



Free with Cancellation Charges…

SellCar | (>£2000, <8 years & 80k miles. See profile for fee info) Charged with Refunds…

TheCarBuyingGroup | £50 (>£500). £50 cashback for branch visit

Set Charges…

Money4YourMotors | £49.99 (£100/£4999), £68.99 (>£5000)

WeBuyAnyCar | £0 (£50/£99.99), £49.99 (£100/£4999.99), £74.99 (>£5000)

CarShop | £50 (<£5000), £75 (>£5000)

WeWantAnyCar | £58.75 (<£4999.99), £78.75 (>£5000)


WeBuyCarsToday: Heads £19.99 to £99.99, but the value range isn’t shared. Their charge is non-refundable and cars must surpass £450.

Sytner: No info is shared on fees.

SellYourCarScotland & TheCarBuyingService: Each now closed.

Buyers are sorted alphabetically per grouping or by cost if applicable. Supporting notes added.

Summary: Sell My Car Online with No Admin Fee

As seen above, many of the firms don’t ask for anything extra. In the instance that a fee is charged it is common to see around £50 for cars valued below £5000 and £75 above £5000. Those that do impose a charge are generally just following the trend set by We Buy Any Car. They actually do have a valid reason in imposing such fees since they have to support a vast retail chain and they have big expenditures on the advertising front. You could also say the same thing for We Want Any Car, but every other buyer shouldn’t really be imposing them. Every other company of course still has staff and rents to pay.

What would be considered as a grey area is whether or not buyers are in fact charging a hidden fee. Whilst they may say that they aren’t, they may just already be factoring in this extra cost in with the valuation provided. The best way that you can get a firm grip on value is to compare the quotes of buyers minus all associated fees. This is what we have done in our main comparison. It is true that knock-downs on inspections do occur, but if you feel that this is unfair then you can simply decline the revised offer and review your selling options with others. We also looked at payment fees in This Submission.