Compare: Sell My Car Online Fast (Instant Payments)

Compare: Sell My Car Online Fast (Instant Payments)“I Need to Sell My Car Fast” is a question running through the mind of many motor sellers. Is it worth paying extra though? It is generally the larger chains that run slow payments by default (4 days). Quick payouts are processed either by CHAPS or by the Faster Payments Service. CHAPS are expensive (banks charge up to £35). They are guaranteed same day, but a typical cut-off time of 2pm/3pm applies. Banking hours cause issues here at weekends. This is why Faster Payments make greater sense. Businesses pay small fees to initiate these. They aren’t same day guaranteed, but typically take between 15 minutes and 2 hours (7/7). The FPS limits are usually sizeable enough to cover motor sales.

Compare: Sell My Car Online Fast (Instant Payments)



BestCarBuyer | (<6 years unless prestige)


IWanttoSellMyCar | (<8 years and 70k miles)


SellCar | (>£2000, <8 years & 80k miles)

TheCarBuyingGroup | (>£500)

WeBuyCarsToday | (>£450)

Free with Restricted Locations…

Car4Cash | (>£2000. Cash option)



EvansHalshaw | £15

WeWantAnyCar | £24.95

WeBuyAnyCar | £24.75 (next) or £29.75 (same)

Car-Ching | £30

TrustedCarBuyers | £49.99


ArnoldClark: No quick option

Motorhog: Not specified if fast

SellMyCarQuick: Not clear if transfer is fast, but cash option is available (restricted locations)

Sytner: No info is shared on fees.

SellYourCarScotland & TheCarBuyingService: Each now closed.

Buyers are sorted alphabetically per grouping or by cost. Supporting notes added.

Summary: Sell My Car Online Fast (Instant Payments)

As seen above, many services are happy to pass on a quick payment at no extra charge. When as much as £30 was asked for, this would make sense for CHAPS, but not for FPS. WeBuy are a little cheeky in having that next day option as well as same day. All they are doing here is simply delaying an FPS. The only excessive charge of the bunch comes from Trusted Car Buyers at £49.99. Whilst this may be the case, they don’t charge an admin fee whilst some buyers ask for around £75 for this. In our main comparison that looked at quotes with all fees factored, Trusted actually came out as the best priced solution.

Overall, we would always recommend paying extra unless you are in no rush for funding. The great thing about FPS transfers is that these can be initiated and received very quickly after (even should it be a Sunday evening). Whichever day it may be, the buyers do usually make sure that the funds hit your account before you leave them. The 2 buyers ( and headline cash payments. Each of these firms are relatively unknown though and it isn’t made clear if there are caps in place. Either way, it wouldn’t make much sense to be carrying around a bundle of notes when you can just get the funds in your account. Compare Admin Fees Here.