They Want Any Car



James Corden’s We Buy Any Car Ads by Driven

James Corden's We Buy Any Car Ads by DrivenWith a plush $24 million Malibu property and a promising career stateside, James Corden wouldn’t strike many as the obvious choice to take the voice-over crown. Mega motoring brands have however been flocking to the TV personality in recent years. The insurance giant Aviva took a booking for their Aviva Drive App Challenge ad. The price comparison giant also scrapped Brian the Robot for the main man in Confused’s Driver Wins campaign where there was even a central starring role. Then we have the James Corden We Buy Any Car adverts that have flowed in great quantity. The theme has often changed, but we have all become accustomed to Mr Corden’s “The UK’s Favourite Car Buying Service” sign-off.


Alexa’s Top Car Buying Sites (UK)

Alexa's Top Car Buying Sites (UK) was started up in the summer of 1996 and a few years later in 1999 Amazon swooped in with what would prove a very savvy acquisition. Their business model revolves around in-depth analytics tools that are pitched to businesses on 3 monthly paid plans. This company is however famed for their global rankings that measures and ranks every site either found or added based on their daily web traffic. as expected commands that #1 spot. Alexa themselves usually float around 1500. The data itself is sampled from millions of internet users that use one of over 25,000 different browser extensions as well as direct sources of those that install their script and certify their metrics.