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Compare: Sell My Car Online Fast (Instant Payments)

Compare: Sell My Car Online Fast (Instant Payments)“I Need to Sell My Car Fast” is a question running through the mind of many motor sellers. Is it worth paying extra though? It is generally the larger chains that run slow payments by default (4 days). Quick payouts are processed either by CHAPS or by the Faster Payments Service. CHAPS are expensive (banks charge up to £35). They are guaranteed same day, but a typical cut-off time of 2pm/3pm applies. Banking hours cause issues here at weekends. This is why Faster Payments make greater sense. Businesses pay small fees to initiate these. They aren’t same day guaranteed, but typically take between 15 minutes and 2 hours (7/7). The FPS limits are usually sizeable enough to cover motor sales.


Compare: Sell My Car Online with No Admin Fee

Compare: Sell My Car Online with No Admin FeeThe admin fee is one of the most common annoyances addressed by motor sellers. There is clear frustration that such a charge is there in the first place, but it also doesn’t help that these tend to be hidden from view. When they are charged, they aren’t made clearly visible at the quotation stage. Fast funding payments don’t also tend to be clearly noted, although these are less expensive and they are entirely optional. The good news is that most dedicated services don’t charge administration fees as you’ll see below. Most people do however end up paying one if they head to (the market leader has over 1 million customers).


Best We Buy Any Car Alternative to Sell Your Car

We Buy Any CarWhat is the best We Buy Any Car alternative to sell your car? This is the question that we’ll be addressing today. We have now introduced and compared around 20 similar companies to From these, we’ll pick out the best suggestion across a range of varied categories where either a buyer either comes close or actually beats them in that given category. The competition in this sector has grown considerably in recent years. We now have major dealerships having a good crack at this niche. To date, Evans Halshaw has done the best job on this front, whilst Arnold Clark and Sytner are always worth keeping an eye on through their mainstream success in motoring.


Car Buying Site Comparison Update 2016

Our first Price Comparison Testing was undertaken in March 2016. To finish the year out, we have run an updated test in December. The collective data should help to give us a clearer picture of which car buying service is delivering the best bang for your buck today. Major dealers like Arnold Clark and Evans Halshaw performed well, but as you’ll see below it was Trusted Car Buyers and We Buy Any Car that stole the show with pricing. Our sampled motor was an Audi A3 Sportback 1.6 TDI (year 2012). Its current selling price was £9999 and it had clocked up mileage of 43,000. This compares to the initial value of £10,018 and mileage of 20,000.


Car Buying Sites Compared: Best Quotes, Feedback and Networks

Car Buying Sites Compared

Here you’ll find our central comparison showcasing the UK’s leading car buying sites. This booming sector was championed by who have been the dominant force since they launched in 2006. They have now served more than 1 million customers. The market share has however become more balanced a decade on. The key competitors that have focussed on retail have been and Major dealership chains have also been flexing their muscle in the space such as Arnold Clark and Evans Halshaw. In this comparison the results of our mystery shopping tests have been added. As well as analysing value (quotes adjusted by admin and transfer fees), we’ll explore customer feedback and total network sizes.