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CarShop Sell Your Car
CarShop Sell Your Car | AKA: Car Shop.

One of the newer motor supermarkets on the scene, formed in 1999. They have been offering part exchanges for some time, but the addition of their car buying product is new.

There are 5 large supermarkets that are located in Cardiff, Doncaster, Northampton, Norwich and Swindon. These collectively house up to 4000 cars. When we filled in a sample quote they allowed us to book at all of these branches that are open 7 days a week. Between Monday and Friday they close late at 9pm, whilst Saturday is 7pm and Sunday is 5pm. You can book through the site or simply head down to them.


Car Shops Ltd.

Commands a notable level of popularity, but not to the extent of their main rival Motorpoint. The reason for this is that Motorpoint has double the number of locations and so they have a much wider stretch across the UK. Setting up a service like this makes great sense to the CarShop since they do stock 4000 cars of all makes and models and so they are always looking to replenish. This new product hasn’t been advertised, but their rankings have started to pick up for related industry keyword terms over the past year.

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= Relates to buying and not selling.

The Process:
You’ll spot the dedicated section as soon as you head on to When you enter a few details the quote will be quickly fired back at you. There will be 2 prices presented including “Below Average” and “Above Average”. You should in this instance expect to receive a price somewhere in the middle. In testing the variation between each was a big one. As the case at Evans Halshaw, they throw up a notice that they guarantee to beat’s price once their fees are discounted. A report will be generated on inspection. They actually charge their own admin fee.

The Service Fees and Payouts:
This administration charge is £50 for cars up to £5000 and £75 for those valued above £5000. Same day funding is provided. In the FAQ it states that they are happy to take on that cost.