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Car-Ching | AKA: CarChing, Car Ching.

Formed by Jason Miller not long back in 2014.

The main HQ is located in Newcastle and they have expanded across the surrounding areas. The current tally of branches sits at 18 and there are plans to grow to 60 over the coming years. Their network shares matched times that run as: Monday to Friday (9am/6.30pm) and Saturday and Sunday (10am/4pm). It is noted that home visits are available, but this looks to cover those in local proximity only. The way that they have been growing to date, it shouldn’t take them long before they have a depot close to you.


Privately owned as Car-ching Ltd.

Within the space of just a few years this company has enjoyed impressive traction across their catered regions. A good indicator of this can be seen on their Facebook page that has attracted 12,000 fans. If they can manage to keep to their mission and take the network nationwide up to 60 branches then they’ll certainly pose a serious challenge to the sector’s biggest players. It was just a little surprising that they had no listings on either of the major review sites.

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The Process:
The first step is to obtain a quick quote from When adding your details they’ll ask you whether your vehicle is either in Good, Average or Poor condition. For a sample motor valued close to £10k the changes between each level typically trigger a £500 change. When the prices do come through you’ll need to simply pick out your closest branch and arrange the booking. As a final note, they are very flexible with what they’ll buy (including write-offs).

The Service Fees and Payouts:
There is no admin charge, but there is an optional funding fee. The standard payment will see the transfer reach you in 4 days or you can opt for a cheque. For immediate funding, the extra cost is either £30 or £40. The higher amount was listed in their FAQ, but it would be more likely to see £30 since this is referenced on their terms and conditions page.