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Car 4 Cash
Car 4 Cash | AKA: Car4Cash, Car for Cash.

Has been operating since 2014.

There are currently 3 offices that are located in Basildon, Enfield and Market Harborough. The times are matched across the range that includes Monday to Friday (9am to 9pm), Saturday (9am to 8m) and Sunday (10am to 7pm). They state that you have to get to a branch. They do make visits through their VIP Prestige service that covers any vehicle valued over £20,000.

Online: and

Operated by Asset purchasing Ltd. Their social media buttons directed us to The Car Loan Centre (a trading style of The Asset Exchange Ltd). This company has a small dealership with finance options and they are notable for logbook loans with their product being the cheapest on the market.

Not particularly well known, but they are one of the newcomers on the scene. Whilst the network size is small, they do plan to expand to locations nationwide over the next several years. This will be important if they plan to grow big as we haven’t see them advertising online. It is good to see that those with high valued motors (£20k+) receive home visits.

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The Process:
This service requires cars with a value of £2000 onwards. Quotes can be entered in at or at where instant valuations are generated. The quoted price will be valid for the period of just 36 hours (very short considering that most firms stretch to 7 days). They’ll contact you as soon as they receive the lead. In our most recent comparison, they were unable to fetch the registration through their database that was strange as no one else had this issue.

The Service Fees and Payouts:
There are no admin or payment fees. The standard pay method is the Faster Payments Service, but they can also pay by cash in hand (likely capped). This is rare in the motoring industry, primarily due to counterfeiting and money laundering. It is handy to see this option though that to our knowledge is only available elsewhere at Sell My Car Quick.