Best We Buy Any Car Alternative to Sell Your Car

We Buy Any CarWhat is the best We Buy Any Car alternative to sell your car? This is the question that we’ll be addressing today. We have now introduced and compared around 20 similar companies to From these, we’ll pick out the best suggestion across a range of varied categories where either a buyer either comes close or actually beats them in that given category. The competition in this sector has grown considerably in recent years. We now have major dealerships having a good crack at this niche. To date, Evans Halshaw has done the best job on this front, whilst Arnold Clark and Sytner are always worth keeping an eye on through their mainstream success in motoring.

What Makes the Market Leader Such a Powerhouse?

Being first to market is critical and this is what we saw here when Darren and Noel McKee launched this project in 2006. Experience has played its part, but then you have the vast network of over 200 branches and the mainstream TV ad campaigning. This created a household name with 1 million customers and counting. They are by far the most popular car buying service. We analysed their Google keyword data and just over 12,000 searches are made daily for We Buy Any Car plus 4500 under the WeBuyAnyCar spelling. These are just the 2 main terms, with there being many variations. The attached Google Trends image highlights their local popularity that is expected to peak in 2017.

We Buy Any Car Google Trends

Another area of note is the high volume of feedback online. Feefo has almost 11k reviews, Review Centre has 7k and Trustpilot has 12k. So, just what is the best We Buy Any Car alternative to sell your car? To firstly address the common similarities of your average buyer. The process always begins with entering your details for an instant quote. Your priced quoted will typically be guaranteed for 7 days. You book your appointment and head to a branch. A thorough inspection goes through and you then receive either delayed funds or fast funds for a fee. This plus the admin fee won’t be factored in with the quoted price. Let’s compare what features do stand out.

Best We Buy Any Car Alternative to Sell Your Car

1) Best Value:
In our initial March 2016 comparison, better value (quote minus applicable fees) was seen with Mike Brewer, We Want Any Car and Trusted Car Buyers. In our most recent comparison in December 2016, they were only edged out by Trusted Car Buyers. TCB in this instance comes out best having beat them in 2 independent tests.

2) Best Value (No Admin Fee):
The option to sell your car with no admin fee is available across a range of services. We are however only concerned with companies that managed to beat WBAC’s price in testing. Trusted has done this twice and Mike Brewer once. Trusted’s fast payment for reference is more expensive at £49.99. WBAC’s fastest fee is £29.75. Our comparison rankings were factored for same day payouts.

3) Experience:
SellCar arrived in 2007 and so they’ll be celebrating their 10th year in operation soon. Best Car Buyer had followed in 2008. Each weren’t that far behind the original 2006 launch.

4) Feedback:
This company generally has the best feedback of the bunch. They score 96% over on Feefo and 92% on the Review Centre. We’ll be analysing review feedback in greater detail in a later submission, but it is important to highlight that reviews are easy to manipulate. Feefo’s data is worth paying greater attention to since the feedback on that side has been matched to a transaction.

5) Network (Dedicated):
We Want Any Car has the largest tally of dedicated branded offices with a current count of 69. By dedicated, we mean that their outlets are not connected with other organisations and are built solely for purchases.

6) Network (Partners):
Trusted’s network is primarily built within existing dealerships. The dealer can then replenish their forecourts with the stock purchased. This helps to generate savings that is why their value is always top notch. There are currently around 90 locations, but they plan to expand to 300. Arnold Clark has 200 dealerships of which 95 are headed as buyers. Based on the expansion, we’d just hand this point to TCB.

7) Popularity (Google):
The market leader is in a league of their own for search terms made via Google with daily searches of 12,000 and 4500 as was discussed above. WWAC is the closest competitor to them. Their main spelling receives around 900 daily searches and then there is 400 under the WeWantAnyCar term.

8) Traffic (Alexa):
We recently covered Alexa Rankings Here. The aim was to compose rankings of every service by who is pulling in the most UK visitors. ranked on last check at 2541. surprised as the 2nd best placed service at 8820, whilst came 3rd at 33,519. We discounted dealerships from this data, but it was interestingly only that could beat at 2267.

Best We Buy Any Car Alternative to Sell Your Car

Based on the 8 Categories Studied…

1) Trusted Car Buyers: (3 Wins)
2) We Want Any Car: (2 Wins)
3) Sell Car, The Car Buying Group, We Buy Cars Today: (1 Win Each)


The top 2 are the best alternatives in the manner of similarities or added features. We will cover more points over the coming months so check back for updates.