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Opened up for business back in 2008.

All sales run through agents who can make nationwide visits. Most of the information provided on their service is detailed, but they do miss out their business hours and so it is unclear when leads are processed and when their reps can get out to you. They merely note that on application you should receive a response within the hour (assuming that they are open) and that same day turnarounds are possible, but in most cases they’ll arrange the visit for the following day.


This is a project from Motor Depot Ltd. The Motor Depot dealerships have been progressing well over the years. They have showrooms in Birmingham, Grimsby, Hessle, Hull and Scunthorpe.

We would have expected this company to be more popular than what Google’s keyword data suggests. This is especially the case since Motor Depot’s popularity is high and this featured service has been running since 2008. We have spotted this firm advertised online, but there has been no TV ad campaigning to date. Their Feefo score at 96% is very good.

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Reviews (Best Car Buyer Reviews @ Feefo, Review Centre & Trustpilot):
Feefo: 96% (670) | Review Centre and Trustpilot: No listings.

The Process:
The main drawback is that they don’t normally buy cars over 6 years old. Exceptions can be made, but for classics, prestige models and vehicle’s in top notch condition. They are more flexible when it comes to mileage. For those who wish to proceed, the next step would be to punch your reg number and mileage into to obtain a quick quote. You’ll be offered the chance to accept, decline and there is an undecided option. As was noted above they’ll aim to get back to you within the hour to organise a meeting. The offer may change on inspection, but a nice touch is that there are no extra charges imposed.

The Service Fees and Payouts:
There is no admin or payment fee. How much is offered on inspection is what you’ll receive that will hopefully match the initial quoted sum. They state that the payment is transferred across before the agent leaves. Since they pay by CHAPS you’ll need to complete before the banking cut-offs (usually 2pm or 3pm) for a same day payout.