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Baba Sell My Car
Baba Sell My Car | AKA: BabaSellMyCar,

They don’t disclose background information. The site was registered in May 2013 and it looks like the service went live in 2014.

A sales rep will come to you. This is unless you can get to their office in Marsh Road, Wembley. This is the Hy Car Sales dealership. The branch opening times are listed as 9am and 7pm (7/7). When running through the quote the time slot however started from 8am.


We can’t pinpoint the details since there is no privacy or terms page. This is also the case on the dealer website.

We were a little unsure on whether to profile this company due to the lack of company data (privacy, terms etc) and reviews. However, they have carried out a great job on their website especially noting their quotation tool and their service has many great qualities. Web popularity isn’t too high. We did spot a TV ad on YouTube that was posted in late 2014. This however doesn’t appear to have screened.

No companies.

Reviews (Baba Sell My Car Reviews @ Feefo, Review Centre & Trustpilot):
No listings at either site.

The Process:
Enter your reg, mileage plus other details through and you’ll receive an instant quote. This is an impressive quotation tool that pulls up tons of vehicle data in seconds. They don’t quote a single figure, but rather a ballpark range. In testing we saw a variation between £700 and £900 on a £10k motor. The guaranteed period was set at 7 days. You then need to choose between branch or collection on any day of the week. When checking over their social media pages we noticed that these hadn’t been updated in a good while. Due to this, if proceeding it would be advised to receive confirmation by phone before heading out to them. They do headline that all types of vehicles are accepted, even damaged. Fast payments are processed on completion.

The Service Fees and Payouts:
There are no noted fees in place.